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Sexualizing the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl. How we love it. The game. The commercials. The halftime show. What a great American tradition. 

Over 100 million people gather around their TVs to watch this great event. We plan parties, eat food, and gather our families together to watch history unfold on the football field. This was our family’s first year watching the Super Bowl in four years. Being overseas with a 12-hour time difference made it a bit challenging to watch live unless of course, we were willing to go to the bar at 6am on a Monday morning, which many expats were very willing to do, but I like my sleep too much to have made that happen.

So, we’re back and were excited to turn on our tv, prepare our snacks, and get ready to watch the commercials..ahem, I mean the game. And what a game it was! I was thoroughly enjoying reliving this tradition until the halftime show came on.

Now let me start by saying that anyone who performs in the halftime show of the Super Bowl is automatically going to subject themselves to all kinds of criticism. Some who like the performance, and some who don’t. Their show will be picked apart from many different critics and I suppose this year I won’t be any different from the masses. 

The halftime show had some real positives. I think the Latin theme of the show was a good call, especially since the game took place in Miami. The choreography and talent were amazing. J.Lo’s daughter-so talented. And both Shakira and J.Lo sure know how to give quite a performance. 

Sadly, I need to end my accolades there. 

Shakira gave a performance like I expected. That lady can move, and everyone knows that. I mean after all, she sings “My Hips Don’t Lie” and it’s the truth. Actually, her outfit was a bit more tame than I expected. I loved the red sparkles from her head to her toes. 

But then it was J.Lo’s turn. OHMYGOODNESS. Her first ensemble looked like she was dressed for an s&m party. And the crotch grabs..really?? Then she whipped the black leather off to reveal..well..mostly everything. Really, hardly anything was hidden. She looked like a Vegas showgirl. And to make it even more risqué, she proceeded to perform on a stripper pole. 

Here’s where I have a problem. Well, I have so many problems with this performance, but here’s the biggest one. All the media is talking about today is what a great performance it was. There’s is some acknowledgement about how it may have been a bit racy for a family audience, but not much. 

I have to ask myself, how did we get to the point in our society where women can dance on stripper poles and be practically naked in front of over 100 million people and it’s ok? Women want to be equal and respected amongst men, but this behavior is the kind of thing these same women are telling the world is ok? I just don’t get it. Sons and daughters watched this show. Is this the way we want them to view women?

Do you think J.Lo’s daughter asked her friends later what they thought of her mom’s skill on the stripper pole? For some reason I expected more from her.

My 13-year-old son walked out of the room halfway through the performance and honestly, I probably should have done the same.

Again, I loved the Latin vibe. It was fun and full of energy. I just believe it could have been executed with much more class and modesty, especially knowing the world was watching. If our society keeps going in this direction, God help us all. I fear for my grandchildren. Honestly, it wasn’t that long ago when parents were completely up in arms about Elvis gyrating on stage, and he was fully dressed! 

Shakira and J.Lo are so talented. Their dancing alone is extremely impressive. I mean really, J.Lo is 50. How does she still move like that? That being said, I wish they would show the world their talent without the need to flaunt their bodies as sexual objects. 

This is just one mom’s humble opinion. You can disagree with me if you want. I just hope our children aspire to be great through their talents and what they can offer the world, not through their sexuality.


1 thought on “Sexualizing the Super Bowl”

  1. I couldn’t agree more Laurie! Love the theme and their talent but thought it was inappropriate for some of the audience! Think I would have appreciated Cirque du Soleil more for the acrobatics 😜. I loved Elvis too and when I saw him as a preteen I didn’t object to his moves. I guess my sense of respect caught up with my age!

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