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Joining the Sweatpants Revolution

I usually have pretty high standards about what I consider an acceptable level of self-grooming that I need to complete in order to leave the house. A shower is a must. A decent outfit, also a must. And make-up, well I just won‘t leave home without it. That’s the way I’ve been since pretty much the time I started dressing myself. I don’t think any less of people who don’t go to the extent I do in order to go out into the world, unless of course they didn’t even bother to change out of their pajamas. It’s really hard not to get a bit judgy about that. But for me, my level of comfort is not fancy, but does take some effort.

So, I’ve been feeling a bit rebellious over the past week-and-a-half over the fact that my make-up drawer has remained closed, and my outfits have become a bit redundant. I’ve quickly grown tired of picking my good, “out of the house pants” in order to wear while only wandering around from the bedroom to the kitchen. Are they just jeans? Yes. But even a good pair of jeans has a wear life and if you’re like me, it’s challenging to find that perfect pair.

All this led to me finding myself shopping online for…dare I say it? Sweatpants. It’s true, I actually sought out and bought two pairs of sweatpants. Because, while I don’t want to wear my good jeans on a homebound day, staying in my pajamas all day just doesn’t feel right either. So for now, my alternative has become a comfy pair of sweatpants. 

Isn’t it funny in today’s world the new things we get worked up about? Many of the things that bother us are completely different than the issues we had a mere two weeks ago. Some silly, some not so silly, but unique challenges all the same. 

Sometimes this means we have to step outside our comfort zone a bit in order to maintain our sanity. Even if it means joining the sweatpants revolution. 

So for now I say, viva la sweatpants! 

Just do me a favor, please. Don’t come knocking on my door unannounced because in a week or two, I might just get to the point where I decide to exchange my sweatpants for pajamas and begin to think showers are optional. And if, when this all blows over, you see me in Costco in my pajamas, please don’t judge. I will have gone through a long time being stuck in the house with two teenagers and a husband working from home.

Stay comfy, my friends!


p.s. This post is not in any way knocking sweatpants. In fact, I’m surprised I haven’t owned a pair until now. They’re amazing!

p.p.s. And just to feel a bit more classy, I decided to buy joggers over the traditional grey sweatpants of old. Why are they more classy? I have no idea (and in all honesty, I’m sure they’re not), but my conscience somehow feels better about it, so I’m going with that. 😉

2 thoughts on “Joining the Sweatpants Revolution”

  1. LOL…was going to say “what would your mom think” until I realized I am your mom and I’m in sweatpants too!! Keep it comfy and classy!

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